PJN CMS is a Content Management System which allows quick and easy edits to a website, with little or no hassel.

You don't have to be a website expert to use this, in fact if you've used Microsoft Word or a similar word processing package before then you should find this easy to use.

Give your page's a name, a title and a link, then add some content to the page.


There is special functionality that can be added to your pages, to view a full list see website features.

PJN CMS makes website updates quick and easy for making content changes, functionality changes and also navigation order changes.

How it works

The Content Management System is password protected in the background so that only website owners can edit the website.

When adding pages and functionality this is all saved to a database - then at the front end (when a user visits your website) it is pulled back out of the database and displayed to the website visitor.

Site wide variables

These are the variables used throughout the website.

Every page should have a unique title, description and keywords, but if you forget for any reason it will use the default website description and keywords.

Here you can change the overall name of your website and the email address that receives all your website's emails.

Why do we have our own?

There are plenty of free Content Management Systems out there that we could use - but what if something doesn't work as we want?

Building our own Content Management System gives us the flexibility to add new features, fix any errors/problems and also gives us the knowledge to teach any client how to use it.

Latest news

DJ website live
A website we've been building for a Swindon DJ has just gone live.
2 December 2009

New CMS being built
A new Content Management System is currently being built
8 November 2009

Website changes
Today we've made some drastic changes to our website.
28 September 2009

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