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I was told that a disk cleanup would help speed up my computer but I am unsure on how to go about this & what it will achieve!
Disk cleanups are a useful little tool that make it easy for you to get shot of old documents, processes that aren't needed, dead links, temporary internet files, cache, cookies, everything that clogs up the arteries of your computer, without having to do them all individually yourself. I tend to use C Cleaner which I found on

Download it, open it and it will show you what areas it will look in, items it will look at and what it thinks it can safely clear without harming your computer. you can select and deselect these areas as you wish, I tend to keep temporary internet files simply because I'm lazy and don't like losing all my saved passwords ;-)

I've just run it my self and it has cleared 93mb in 28 seconds.
I've never used a download option for disk cleanup before - although I'm not surprised there are some out there, and probably do a better job that what I personally do.

An alternative to downloading a disk cleanup application is also to use Windows built in disk cleanup option.

Go to "My Computer" and right click on the hard drive you want to run the disk cleanup on (usually your primary Hard Drive, usually C drive).

From the menu select "Properties". This will show you how big your Hard Drive is, and how much space has already been used.

Just under the pie chart you should see the "Disk Cleanup" button. Click this and follow the on screen instructions.

When it asks what you want to cleanup I'd usually say everything. But if you want to pick and chose then I strongly recommend the Recycle bin, as this is files you've deleted previously anyway.

Any problems, and please come back to us.
Yeh, there is the standard software, but I instinctively distrust the OEM when it comes to computing.

I've always been given the impression that the OEM software is often substandard to a utility built to compete with the OEM software
I don't think I've ever done a disk cleanup, how essential is it?

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