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Website services from PJN Computer Solutions include website hosting, website development and the new PJN CMS

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Website packages built to fit the need of our clients.

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A portfolio of websites that I've created.

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What features would you like on your website?

Website development
The development is the coding of the front end and back end of the website

Website hosting
Hosting of our websites is on a guaranteed 99% up-time web server from Heart Internet

Learn how the PJN CMS can make editting your website easy and see what functionality it has to offer

Design services
Design services from PJN Computer Solutions include website design, logo design, web banner design and business card design

PJN applications
Applications built by PJN Computer Solutions

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Contact PJN Computer Solutions about any enquiry or to ask for a quote

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About PJN Computer Solutions, the history and Peter Nichol the founder

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The Solutions forum is where you can find the solution to any computer question, or ask it and have other experts help you out.

Latest news

DJ website live
A website we've been building for a Swindon DJ has just gone live.
2 December 2009

New CMS being built
A new Content Management System is currently being built
8 November 2009

Website changes
Today we've made some drastic changes to our website.
28 September 2009

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