Tabbed Media Mania


Tabbed Media Mania is an all in one media player and tabbed web browser.

The application will play mp3, wma, wav, midi, wmv, avi and mpg file formats.

Tabbed Media Mania will save your web history, web favourites, media play lists and your application preferences.

Other special features for the Tabbed Media Player include:

  • Cross fade between songs
  • Slow down or speed up the bit rate of the media file
  • Cue/un-cue  songs
  • Repeat songs
  • Shuffle
  • Last 20 tracks played
  • Top 20 tracks played
  • Quick search for track, artist or broad search

Drag songs straight from Windows Media Player or iTunes to add them to your library or to create instant play lists.

System specification

Tabbed Media Mania system specification is as follows:

  • Windows 98 and above (Windows XP recommended)
  • 128MB Ram (256MB Ram recommended)
  • 8MB free hard drive space (More depending on the ammount of media files on your computer)
  • 17 Monitor using 800 x 600 resolution
  • Internet connection (For use with the tabbed browser)
  • Sounds card (For use with the media player)

Screen shot

Tabbed Media Mania


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Current reviews:

Jacko says:

Doesn't speed up wma files, but great functionality.

26 March 2009 5:50pm

David says:

This is the exact media player solution I was looking for.

It works really well on my computer which is still running Windows 2000!

20 January 2009 6:43pm

Fire Fox user says:

Nice bit of kit. Dragged and dropped all my tracks from iTunes and created playlists easily.

This is a must for a decent media player.

Web browser doesn't render websites properly though - seems like it's rendering like IE6 or lower. You need to upgrade it's web browsing capabilities.

18 January 2009 5:31pm

Sean Plaister says:

This cross fading is just what I was after.

3 January 2009 2:51pm

Joe Oxley says:

Speeding up the songs sounds brilliant - great function. Although I don't think it runs on wma files... Or is that just me.

1 January 2009 4:22pm

John George says:

Just what I was looking for, it can even speed up my videos which I love!

Is there a way to play mp4 and m4a files on it? Maybe an update to allow this?

1 January 2009 3:47pm

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