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PJN Sitemap Generator will crawl your entire website up to 6 levels deep.

The user types in the home page link, like http://www.pjncomputersolutions.com then click "go".

The sitemap generator will crawl from your home page and will list every internal link in the left column and every external link in the right column.

Next the application will go down the left list and will again list all the internal and external links (skipping all the duplicates), and will do this until it raches 6 levels deep, or until there are no more new links on the website.

When the crawl is finished you can set how often the website should be crawled (default is weekly) and then click "Build Sitemap".

PJN Sitemap Generator will then write out the start of the sitemap in the textarea provided. If it's a short sitemap then you can copy and paste from here - otherwise you will have to enter a directory on your computer and export the sitemap in xml format, suitable for submitting to Google.

System specification

CMS websites sometimes contain a lot of dynamically created pages and sometimes have a lot of duplicates because of the way the sites are made, so crawling a site like this may take a bit longer.

PJN Sitemap Generator minimum requirements are:

  • Windows XP
  • 128 MB Ram
  • 1 MB Hard drive space

The sitemap that it generates is suitable for submitting to Google when signing up to Google Webmaster Tools.

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PJN Sitemap Generator


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Sam Lovechild says:

I've found many sitemap generators on the Internet, but this is the only one that does everything I need for free!

3 January 2009 2:21pm

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