PJN Broken Link Checker


Find out how many internal links and external links your website has, and then check every link to see if it's a broken link.

With these broken link you can then do a quick search to see what pages on your website link to it.

If search engines come onto your website I find broken links they may penalise your search engine ranking as it shows that you don't maintain or take care of your website very well.

If you find that one of the external links is a broken link then you may as well get rid of the link, as the less external links the better.

If you have broken internal links though you should search for which pages link to the broken page, and on each of these pages you should fix the link.

A tool provided by Google which will also help you maintain your website and check for broken links is Google Webmaster Tools. After verifying your website as being yours, Google will provide you with lots of stats including pages that haven't yet been indexed due to your robots.txt file or another reason.

System specification

  • Windows XP
  • 1GB Ram (minimum)
  • Internet connection
  • 1MB hard drive space

Screen shot

PJN Broken Link Checker


Total: 100

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