Keycode finder


Using an open text box you can enter any character and find out what the keycode and shift code is for any keyboard key.

You can also find out the keycode for keyboard keys on an advanced or multimedia keyboard.

This application I found useful when programming in Visual Basic 6 as it tells me what the keycodes are for certain keys on the keyboard, allowing me to have keyboard commands within my applications.

For example if you want the user to be able to press the enter key to call on an event you will need a "Key Down" event, and within this event you will want an if statement, if the keycode is 13 (the keycode for the enter key) then carry out an event.

Also you will find that my Tabbed Media Mania application allows people to change the song using a multimedia keyboard, this again I did by using the keycode for the multimedia skip controls.

System specification

  • Windows 98 onwards
  • 1MB Hard Drive space
  • 64MB RAM minimum

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Keycode finder


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Chrykal says:

Many thanks for a great little program, it's earned itself a permanent place in my development tools collection.

23 July 2011 2:05am

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