DJ Mania


Turn your computer into DJ decks with DJ Mania.

You have 2 decks both with individual volumes and bit rate (to determine the audio speed).

Drag and drop audio or video files directly from your computer into the playlists for each deck, then use the crossfade control to fade from deck-to-deck.

When you start the DJ Mania application for the first time it will also create a directory called "samples". This directory will be saved within the directory where you have saved the DJ Mania application.

Using this "samples" folder you can copy short audio samples into the folder and use this list as a 3rd audio channel.

The samples also have their own volume control, and this feature can be very useful for sound effects such as cheering, chanting, "whoop whoop" or a fanfare (or whatever other sound effects you want to use).

If you play a video file you can also view the video in the video box found at the top of the DJ Mania application.

System specification

  • Windows XP or Windows Vista
  • 512 MB Ram
  • 1MB hard drive space (plus additional if you use samples)
  • Audio output

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DJ Mania


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Current reviews:

Peter Nichol says:

Hi Tasha,

I had a look on Google for a solution for you - here's a link that might sort the problem for you.


21 September 2009 9:56pm

tasha says:

well ive downloaded your dj mania and im getting an error: COMDLG32.OCX - a file is missing or invalid. wat do i do?

21 September 2009 5:20pm

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