Alarm Clock


The Alarm Clock application was built as a part of a college project.

The Alarm Clock allows the user to set multiple alarms and decide what reminder the alarm should trigger.

Alarms can be set as a one off alarm on a certain day and time, or as a recurring alarm that can go off daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

The reminders that the alarm can trigger off include:

  • Playing an audio or video file using your default media player
  • Opening a file or website using your default for the particular file, or default web browser
  • Display a pop-up message on your computer screen
  • Or you can chose to shut down your computer (often useful if you want to fall asleep to music, but have the computer switch off after a couple of hours)

The Alarm Clock is a simple application that will be minimised into your system tray allowing you to continue working on your computer with the Alarm clock running in the background.

System specification

The Alarm Clock application minimum requirements are:

  • Windows XP
  • 128 MB Ram
  • 1 MB Hard drive space
  • Internet connection (optional) - when opening a website as a reminder
  • Default web browser (usually Internet Explorer)
  • Default media player (usually iTunes or Windows Media Player)

The Alarm Clock application does not come with any media files or with any media players or web browsers.

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Alarm Clock


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Current reviews:

Richard L Walker says:

Either a default "ring" or a sound like "Big Ben" would be nice to have included with the alarm.

20 March 2010 10:42pm

martin says:

I can't get this alarm to work.

10 January 2010 3:42pm

Capt Lock says:

I think the Clock should come with at least one ring for the alarm for those who do not keep such sounds on their computers.

6 January 2009 1:24pm

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