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Facebook chat emotions - more than you thought?

8 May 2009


On all our websites we keep analytical data, provided by Google Analytics, that tells us what people are visiting on our websites, how long for, what web browser they're using, and lots of other useful information.

Last month it seems that the most popular page was on my personal blogging websites.

The article was about Facebook smileys and how there are many more Facebook chat emotions than people first thought.

To visit the blog entry please go to

Another Swindon service

You may remember last monthís newsletter that we sent out which promoted 2 new websites, Millyís Child Care and John Williams Property Maintenance, well this month Iíve launched another one.

Earlier this month we made live a re-design of Aqua Cleaning Services, a cleaning company based in Swindon on the Cheney Manor Industrial Estate.

The original website was using flash for the navigation, had tesimonials in an image so the text couldn't be crawled, was using an online CMS called Moon Fruit (which I found quite a nightmare), and there was hardly any text on the page.

I kept the website's colour schemes and branding, but just re-wrote the copy to be a lot more search engine friendly. I've also updated the scrolling banner with new, up-to-date pictures, that can also now be crawled as they're no longer in Flash.

The main aim of the client was to be found in Google when searching for "Cleaners in Swindon" and other similar search terms.

Before the word "Swindon" wasn't mentioned on the website - now it is and the Google results they're finding, they're very happy with.

Please visit the Aqua Cleaning Services website.

PayPal scam

Just a couple of days ago now I had a bit of a scare when I had a receipt from PayPal saying that I'd spent £100 on a website that I'd never heard of.

Looking into this further I found it was a scam, please be very wary of such emails.

Please read my blog entry about the PayPal scam.

From all of us at PJN Computer Solutions thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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