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A successful January

9 February 2009


Over the last few days we've seen the most snow in about 30 years.

It has caused mass disruption on the roads and transport, but on a good note - it looks today like it's starting to melt away.

Also last month we launched - a blogging website, where we tested out our blogging and trackback scripts - and finally got them working correctly.

So far this month

February has already celebrated Facebook's 5th Birthday, see the pictures and read the story Happy Birthday Facebook.

Also we have just made our solutions forum live.

These forums were created in an effort to help our visitors out with any computer problems they may come across.

To join please go to and then select register from the navigation at the top when hovering over "Solutions Forum".

The register dialog box will appear, fill it out and then check your emails for activation - then get posting all your computer problems for others to help you out.

Online portfolio

We've often been asked to display examples of websites that we've designed and built.

About a week ago we added a picture gallery to our website showing projects that we have worked on in the past, including freelance work that we have done for Wow Creative and The Times.

View our online portfolio.

If you need a website or know anyone who does please contact us.

From all of us at PJN Computer Solutions thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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