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New Year, New Website

5 January 2009

Hello, and a happy New Year to you all.

Various people have recommended that we redesign the PJN Computer Solutions website for a while now, and finally, after weeks of work, it is finished.

The new design was launched New Year's eve 2008 and has been built with lots more functionality including:

  • Visitors can now leave comments on some pages
  • Visitors can write reviews about our applications
  • Visitors can share content on social networking websites such as facebook
  • Visitors can chat to a team member using our live chat

Why not take a look at the new website

Also any comments or suggestions can be left here

2008 for PJN Computer Solutions

2008 for PJN Computer Solutions saw the launch of 9 new websites, the redesign of 4 websites and freelancing for 2 websites.

Already planned for this year is the launch of 5 new websites, and we're still in January, so this year is expected to be very busy for us.

2009 for YOU

Is a website something that your company has always needed, you've just never got round to it?

Do you already have a website, that is quite outdated now, that needs a revamp?

Or do you know someone who needs a new website?

Start 2009 the way you plan to continue - using every opportunity to try and reach new clients and potential business.

If you need a website or know anyone who does please contact us.

From all of us at PJN Computer Solutions thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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