DJ website live

2 December 2009

We've just put live a new DJ website for Swindon DJ Kelz Clarkson.

The website is a place for Kelz to promote herself and her upcoming gigs and events.

Kelz is now able to update the website using the Content Management System to add photo albums, photos, videos, blog entries, news, event listings and links to her latest mixes.

Have a look at the website at

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New CMS being built

8 November 2009

The upgrade at the beginning of this year to the new Content Management System (CMS) was a huge success and clients found it a lot easier to maintain and manage their websites.

As we start to approach larger clients we've found that a new feature that they'd find useful is the ability to have multiple user logins and be able to set permissions per user.

The new Content Management System that we're building not only has multiple users and different permissions per user, but also has a few more useful updates.

The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) content editor has been changed so now there aren't any fixes needed. Using a function you can copy and paste from Microsoft products, such as Word, and also all content is rendered in XHTML.

All the same great functionality from before is back, but is now written in Object Orientated PHP, meaning that the development side is easier to maintain, and so easier to add more functionality modules.

You are now able to set which page is your home page, rather than this being hard-coded.

Sitemaps will be even better handled.

RSS Feeds are going to be published for most areas of the website.

The new Content Management System is currently only being used on one website with very limited functionality, but it's working really well as we'd hoped.

In the pipeline we currently have around 10 projects that are also going to be built using this new Content Management System.

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Website changes

28 September 2009

Recently we have been toying with the idea of giving customers and clients a set price list.

With websites this isn't always easy because functionality can get quite indepth and the design can be very complicated - but we've come up with some ball point figures.

They're not set in stone so if you want a little extra or a little less then we can add or deduct accordingly.

Starting later today we'll also be advertising online using Google AdWords and so we've made the home page very clear about what we do and our purpose and how to find out more.

The website packages are right there for you to select from.

We've cut down our website portfolio to only show what we would count to be a very few of our best websites.

And we've also removed the sub pages under "Design Services" and put all the other design services under one page.

We now have some prices on our website for you to work from.

And also we've added a page showing all the website features that you could have on your website.

Please have a look around, and let us know if you find anything hard to navigate.

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