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23 January 2009

A pingback is a way of notifying the author of a document who else on the Internet is linking to it.

A link to the document will be followed, request a ping from the originating source of the document and then depending on the response from the source depends on whether the pingback can be followed.

Both websites must have the pingback enabled in order for it to work, but once enabled it is a great way to get lots of links back to your website very quickly.

Trackbacks are a lot like pingbacks, except they will go through a specific URL in order to register as a trackback.

Both examples can be found very often when people refer to your blog entries.

Currently I am working on a pingback method in order to help search engine visibility through lots of links back to my website.

Once I have it tested and working I shall be opening this up to all my blogging scripts in the aim to help clients who are also blogging.

If anyone knows of a good tutorial or a good and simple test area please do let me know.

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Current comments:

Peter Nichol says:

I have now sorted the Trackbacks for my blog scripts.

A simple to use step-by-step resource is available at

14 March 2009 5:46pm

SEO Wizzard says:

Trackbacks and Pingbacks are similar and are both quite often used with blogging.

The best source I found was on Pear's website

You do however want to be careful as to which version you download though as some are for PHP5 and above, I think there's one that will work on PHP4 though.

Pingbacks are somewhere on this website as well. Explore, let us know how you get on.

29 January 2009 12:06am

John Carbott says:

Those are the only two links I know about as well. I have spent about 5 hours trying to get the scripts to work, but no luck!

I think someone needs to come up with a new, easier to use script. Also it needs to tell us which pages the scripts need to go on, because the trackback script from HateSpam24 is brilliant, it just doesn't say which pages need which parts of code.

25 January 2009 1:10pm

HateSpam24 says:

The best 2 sources that I know of are for pingback and for trackbacks, although I've gone through them myself and just get baffled.

Please let us all know if you get any further.

23 January 2009 4:52pm


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