Our first eBook

2 March 2009

For the last 2 weeks we have been writing our first eBook.

We're selling the eBook for only 10 using PayPal.

The eBook will be all you need for complete Internet security and also shows other ways to clean up your computer and help it run to it's full potential.

PC Performance eBook

I first tried using Google Checkout, but after testing I found that it didn't have an automatic redirect to a custom thank you page after checkout, which is what I needed.

Because it was an eBook we're selling we needed to direct users straight to the thank you page after checkout in order to give the customer the link to download the eBook.

After finding Google Checkout couldn't do this I tried the PayPal option, which after upgrading our account to a business account was exactly what we needed.

Now that we have one eBook written and the payment method is all tested we're going to go on and write some more helpful eBooks to sell on the website.

Once we have a few eBooks to sell we will add a "Shop" tab to the main navigation.

Review the eBook now at:


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