Aqua Cleaning Services website goes live

22 April 2009

Aqua Cleaning Services approached me needing some SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), a new banner created, and to add some insurance documents.

I had a look at the website which was currently hosted with Telivo and was using an online content management system with MoonFruit.

The MoonFruit CMS wasn't very good and didn't make life very easy.

The company wanted to be found when searching for cleaners in Swindon, yet didn't come up in the results anywhere. Having a look at the website I noticed that the word "Swindon" was not actually anywhere on the website and so without lots of links into the website mentioning "Swindon" there was no way.

The company didn't have any details of the person who originally setup the domain, and Telivo wouldn't let us move the domain name without the details and so we have started up a new wesbite from scratch.

The old website was using images to display text, and Flash to display the header and navigation. This meant that there was only a small amount of content on the page that could be read by search engines.

The new website has a lot more keyword rich crawlable text.

Have a look and let me know what you thnik about Aqua Cleaning Services new website.

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