Email Problems

24 February 2009

The email address peter <at> pjn-solutions <dot> co <dot> uk is currently having problems.

Apparently I am not receiving emails from some ISPs (Internet Service Providers), which means I may not have received an email from you.

So far I only know of problems with emails coming from NTL, BT and Yahoo.

If you think that I have taken a while to reply to you please try contacting using alternative methods like

  • Calling: 07754665353
  • Emailing: peter_nichol <at> hotmail <dot> com

There is a chance that the problem may have be occurring for a few days.

I always try to reply to emails within 2 days, so if it's been 2 days or more then please try again in a day or 2, or use one of the alternative contact methods shown above.

I will let you all know when I hear that the problem is completely sorted and working correctly.

Sorry for any inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.


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Solutions Forum made live

6 February 2009

If you have a website coding problem, or if you have general computer problems then this forum is the place for you.

Ask a computer question and have one of our experts answer your question.

Start a new category or topic if we're not covering the correct subjects for you, or just post in an existing topic.

Register from the Solutions Forum menu, or login if you're already signed up.

Invite your friends and help get the community going. The more who join the more people to answer your computer questions.

Also if you have a website and picture then why not update your profile so that there's another link back to your website. Add a personal profile and personalise all of your posts with your picture.

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Domain lookup functionality added

2 February 2009

Now you can search for the domain name you want to use on this very website.

On the Website Hosting page there is now a domain lookup area.

Instructions on use:

  • Enter the domain name you want
  • Do not enter http://www.
  • Do not enter the TLD (Top Level Domain - .com,, .net, etc...)
  • Select a TLD (Top Level Domain) from the drop down
  • Click "Lookup Domain"
  • Wait for the pingback from whois and see the result

If you want to purchase a domain please contact me for more information.

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