Ally Ward Music website goes live

6 November 2008

The website for Ally Ward Music has just gone live.

The website is for a singer and guitar player Ally Ward from Swindon.

The website shows off Ally's talent through the following pages:

  • Home - The home page
  • Biography - A full biography about Ally Ward
  • Band - The band page for Mercury River, that Ally Ward is a part of
  • Music - Listen online to some of Ally's tracks and also view previous album tracks
  • Videos - Currently containing just one video pulled from YouTube of Ally performing
  • Gallery - A picture gallery for Ally Ward and for his band Mercury River
  • Gigs - Currently containing nothing, but will be updated by Ally soon
  • Links - Some off Ally's favourite links
  • Contact - A contact form for people to email Ally

Take a look at the site at and let me know what you think.

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