PJN Computer Solutions moves to new hosting

23 June 2008

Over the duration of last night PJN Computer Solutions moved web hosting companies.

Previously the site was with IX Web Hosting, but has now been moved to Heart Internet.

There was nothing wrong with IX Web Hosting, but all my other domains that I've registered were hosted with Heart Internet and so I saw it only logical to host every domain from the same place.

When I first registered for IX Web Hosting I set up PJN Computer Solutions as a free domain as an incentive for joining. Heart Internet was initially set up for my client Bob Hayward for hosting the Time Power website, but as we bought more and more domains for Bob we needed to move the hosting into a reseller package meaning that we have the reources to host all the domains in one place.

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PJN Computer Solutions site changes

23 June 2008

New changes to PJN Computer Solutions include monthly newsletters and articles online to view.

Now that PJN Computer Solutions website is being hosted with Heart Internet it's given me the option to have a mailing list.

With this mailing list it allows me to send out email publications and so from now I am going to start sending out monthly newsletters to anyone who signs up.

To sign up now please see the sign up form at the bottom of the page at the right hand side.

As well as the monthly newsletters I have also added an area to the site where I will be placing my articles for people to view for free.

The online articles and newsletters can both be found in the Communicate area of the website.

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PJN Forum is ready

20 June 2008

I have been working on creating a forum for my CMS and it's now ready.

The forum allows members to add categories, topics and post threads. They can also write there own profile and upload an image. Every time they post it will have there thread along with there picture and there signature shown.

The forum is not yet finished, but is far enough along to be put live ready for use. Still to come is:

  • Deleting threads, topics and categories will reduce the number in the statistics
  • Members will be able to personal message (PM) each other
  • I am hoping to integrate the live chat application to the forum so yu can chat to other online users
  • In the forum statistics I plan to add "members currently online", "visitors online" and "most members ever online"
  • I will give the admin the ability to change the default colours and lock topics
  • Allow people to subscribe to forum RSS feeds
  • Send email notifications if someone writes on your profile, quote's you or replies to your thread/message

So as you can see there's still a lot to go!

I currently only have the forum live on one site. Please visit the site at and let me know any thoughts and comments.

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Film and Book reviews added CMS

17 June 2008

Film and Book reviews has moved to my hosting and has the PJN CMS built in.

I wrote the site for Film and Book reviews a few months ago now except they had problems with the hosting and the site wasn't very active.

On the 17th June 2008 I moved the site to my hosting account and re-wrote the site. The site has now gone live consisting of 3 pages:

  • Home - Just a little bit about the site
  • Forum - I am currently in the middle of writing this, but will put live when finished
  • Contact - A contact form for people to contact Rosie from Film and Book reviews

The forum I hope to have up by the end of the week. Please visit the site at and let me know any thoughts and comments.

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Alarm Clock reaches 600 downloads

14 June 2008

My Alarm Clock application has just reached 600 downloads on alone.

The application first went on to on the 15th November 2007 and now, under a year later it has reached 600 downloads. These 600 do not include any downloads that I've had from my website, which is about another 50.

As well as the Alarm Clock downloads I've also have the following stats from

  • Media Mania 2.1 504 downloads since 1st November 2006
  • Tabbed Media Mania 335 downloads since 9th September 2007
  • Web Search Mania 99 downloads since 2nd December 2007
  • Who Is Lookup 35 downloads since 24th March 2008

If you have any ideas for new applications of if you have any comments on the current applications please contact me and let me know.

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