DJ Gordy live

19 April 2008

The website has now gone live. I made this site for the Friday night Walkabout DJ, Gordy.

The site is initally 5 pages:

  • About - A bit of detail about DJ Gordy
  • Gallery - Pictures taken in Walkabout whilst Gordy has been the DJ
  • Song Request - Get your requests in early and email them to Gordy straight from the site
  • Links - Sites that Gordy wants to promote through his website
  • Contact - A contact form allowing you to message Gordy direct

The site is the first site I've written using my Content Management System (CMS) and this system allows Gordy to change the content on the pages and add more pages at a later date if he see's fit. The photo gallery can also be maintained by Gordy allowing him to upload more pictures, give them a caption, put them in an album, sort them by date and delete old pictures if he wants to.

Please visit the site at and let me know any thoughts and opinions.

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Live Chat Functionality

17 April 2008

I was asked by a client to create an online live chat that could be used for real time communication over a website.

Fusion Media Software Solutions Ltd, the client, tested the application as production was taking place and so in the end I have built a fantastic online chat application.

The application runs off a database and keeps the last 6 messages saved (so that when loading each time it doesn't take too long). The user is shown all other users that are online down the left hand column and a tabbed message board to the right. Every conversation you start is a private conversation between you and the other person and it's opened in a new tab on your message board.

Messages are shown in an iFrame (and so this may not be supported by all browsers) and is re-freshed every 5 seconds to keep the conversation up-to-date.

I plan to add the Live Chat application to my Content management System (CMS) soon and then I will be adding the application to this site also.

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PJN CMS Finished

4 April 2008

I have been working on my own Content Management System (CMS) for the last few months and have finally finished it ready for first use.

Not all the extras (such as the forum, online shop and site search) are finished, but the system is ready to use as it is with out these few extras.

Current pages you can make include:

  • Simple HTML page
  • Contact form page
  • Live Chat page
  • Blog page
  • Message Board page
  • Price List page
  • Picture Gallery page
  • Article Download page

If you can think of any other feature that you would like included please don't hesitate to contact me and let me know.

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