Timepower Ltd Affiliate

20 March 2008

I have just setup an affiliate program for one of my clients Timepower Ltd.

An affiliate program is just basically something that anyone can sign up for and can sell Timepower Ltd products on Timepower's behalf. The user that sells the goods gets a commission/referral amount back and so everyone's a winner.

It's free to become an affiliate and there's no way you could ever lost out. Once you are an affiliate you will be given your own unique link that will be recorded by One Shopping Cart (the system behind the affiliate program) so that any sale can be traced back to you.

You can post your affiliate links where ever you like, email footers, mass mailings, just on your website or if you wanted to spend a bit of money to get the better results you can use your affiliate link as the link target on some Google Adword campaigns.

To review the idea and become an affiliate today please go to

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