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11 February 2008

For months now I've wanted a new website. It was only in January when I found out about a major web browser compatibility problem when I found that the navigation did not work properly in Internet Explorer 6.

This for me was a big wake up call and a massive prompt to build my new site. Well after a few weeks of work here it is, although not yet fully finished. Still to come is:

  • The new and improved forum
  • A live chat area where people visiting can chat to me if I'm online
  • I'll probably be adding a blog, although with this news area I'm not sure there's a point

Currently the only new features to the site are:

  • Improved search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques
  • Improved design for accessibility
  • Improved layout - using 2 columns to split up the information
  • Improved overall design of the site that isn't plain and boring

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Alarm Clock update

8 February 2008

After publishing my Alarm Clock application onto on the 15th November 2007 I have recieved a lot of feedback about the application.

In receiving this feedback I've decided to update the application with a full list of new features, an uninstall file and to sort any outstanding bugs.

The new update will contain:

  • An uninstall file
  • The option to edit and delete alarms
  • The option to show just a message rather than making the user select something else as well
  • Fix the bug of setting an alarm between the hours of midnight and 1am

If you can think of any other feature that you would like included please don't hesitate to contact me and let me know.

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