Design services

Design services

Logo Design

We will design you a logo using any brand colours that you have.

It will be a high resolution image with 360dpi so that the image can also be used for print if you wanted it on any business cards, t-shirts, post cards or anything else.

Logo Design costs 50

Business Card Design

Business cards are always essential when starting up a new business, they're ideal for getting new leads and clients at networking meetings, or generally just handing out to friends and family.

Because the business card design has to go to print it will be created at a high resolution of 360dpi.

If you can provide a high resolution logo for us this will cost 50

If you need us to design a logo for you as well this will cost 80

Web Banner design

Web banners are great ways to advertise your website online on other people's websites.

If you can provide us with your logo we can do a static web banner costing 50

If you want us to design the logo as well then for a static web banner it will cost 80

If you can provide us with your logo and you want an animated web banner then this will cost 125

If you want us to design the logo for you and you want an animated web banner this will cost 150

Animated web banners will be produced in both a flash animation and also a 256 colour gif animation.

The gif animation will not be as good quality because of the limits that a gif file has.

Animations will work to a maximum of 10 still images, plus however many frames inbetween to animate the still images together to create the animation.

Latest news

DJ website live
A website we've been building for a Swindon DJ has just gone live.
2 December 2009

New CMS being built
A new Content Management System is currently being built
8 November 2009

Website changes
Today we've made some drastic changes to our website.
28 September 2009

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